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 PLEASE READ! Rules & Regulations of our forum!

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PostSubject: PLEASE READ! Rules & Regulations of our forum!   Tue Sep 02, 2008 7:46 pm

1. Absolutely no bashing, flaming, threatening, harassing any of our members in chat or elsewhere. We are adults, and everyone has the ability to express their concerns and opinions however how controversial without lowering themselves to a high school mentality. Also, while it's more than fine to have your own opinion about a new clothing line, and we have no problem with you saying it's not your style, please try not to use words like "slutty," "trashy," "hooker," and "disgusting." Other people may want to put their children in the clothes you're describing, and none of our babies are trashy hookers, nor would we purposely dress them that way.

2. Narcs, tattletales, complainers, and whiners will not be tolerated and will kindly be asked not to participate in our forums. If you don't like a thread, you can say so nicely, but remember that you have the option not to read it.

3. If you have been banned previously from a website our members frequent for poor Buying/Selling transactions and/or scamming, please consider not applying for an application so we don't have to waste our time banning you from here. If you have been banned elsewhere for poor behavior not related to BST, you may be given a trial basis chance.

4. This is a clothing/chat forum for moms who love Janie and Jack! Please do not post about hardcore porn or child pornography, and do not post pictures of an obscene and offensive nature. You will automatically become banned without notice for any of these actions!

5. We are not affiliated with Janie and Jack Page, Janie and Jack Forum or Gymbofriends. Our forum is our own.

6. EFFECTIVE 12.9.08: Absolutely NO copying and pasting of threads from other boards, bashing discussions of other boards or board admins or copying and pasting pictures of someone from Myspace, Facebook, etc. REGARDLESS of if they are a member or not.

If you fail to comply with any of these forum rules, you will be reminded of the rules and/or be reprimanded in a way the admins and moderators deem appropriate. In the case of being banned, you will not be welcomed back. Thank you for reading our rules and abiding by them to the best of your ability! Welcome!
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PLEASE READ! Rules & Regulations of our forum!
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